Locked Out of Car

I'm Locked Out of My Car: What Should I Do?

No one wants a locked out of car problem – but sometimes accidents happen. You don't want to be stranded, but you are absolutely sure you don't have your keys available, and there's no way to get back into your car. With today's smartphones, this isn't quite the emergency that it used to be, but it's still important to get your car unlocked the right way.

1. Don't try to force a door open. The internet is full of little tricks when you have a locked out of car problem, but don't try breaking into your own car. It could cause damage and may even
affect your insurance.

2. Contact a professional locksmith if possible. Locksmiths see these situations all the time and can respond promptly to fix the issue.

3. Don't leave your car unattended. Try to keep your car in view while you wait.

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