Locked Keys In Car

Steps to Take If You Locked Your Keys in the Car

Did you lock your keys in your car? Here's what to do!

1. Don't worry. Check your belongings to make sure you don't have your keys, and check all doors on your car to make sure they are all locked.

2. Call any OnStar or roadside assistance numbers you may have. Sometimes these services can unlock your car remotely, or give you further advice on what to do.

3. Find an available locksmith in Davenport, IA. Call a local locksmith and ask about their availability for immediate service. Tell them you have a locked keys in car emergency and ask what to do.

4. Call the police if necessary. If there's a health hazard like someone trapped in the car, you may also want to call the police and let them know, "Hey, I have a locked keys in car problem here and may need some help right away." They can offer further advice and let you know if you should take any next steps.

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